Ashik Ul Haque – An iconic digipreneur setting up new heights

Ashik Ul Haque is an iconic digipreneur, IT analyst, e-business strategist, author, and researcher, paved his way to versatile influencer. He was born on 22nd June 1984 in Narayanganj, Bangladesh; known as dandy of the west. He is a true inspiration for all the people who want to persuade their career in e-business and digital entrepreneurship industry. He has emerged as a versatile digital entrepreneur and leaving no stone unturned with his strategies to grow business and brands in Bangladesh and abroad.

Ashik Ul Haque is setting up new heights in e-business and digital entrepreneurship industry. He recognizes the potential that lies in the development of digital technologies and their impact on business activities. That’s how Ashik Ul Haque comes in. The digital economy is growing much faster, which will lead to the creation of more jobs and the continuation of the digital transformation.

E-business is supposed to be the next big thing delivering maximum business opportunities. Digital entrepreneurs today have tremendous opportunities to show case their talent and versatility digitally. Whopping populations have faith on the power of technology and trust the process of expressing globally. Ashik Ul Haque from Bangladesh is one of such inspiration for all the traditional business holders and youth out there who wants to express themselves globally though their expertise of digital entrepreneurship.

Ashik Ul Haque is the founder and CEO of VirtuStaffs, founded back in 2015 with the motto is to make the lives of customers simpler through the use of modern technology. Ashik Ul Haque helps startups, corporations and brands in IT planning, designing, growth hacking, digital marketing, branding, ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and apps development along with such more relevant services.

Virtustaffs has so far portrayed brilliant illustration of tremendous growth and outstanding ITES and Software services with innovative ideas and up to date tech support. With the help of technology we have made the globe smaller and we show our customers the way to minimize their costly pitfalls. We help you being global and express digitally. The way of doing business today will not remain the same tomorrow. Virtustaffs provides with the insights about how to unlock a new market which has no boundary. Virtustaffs has established itself as a pioneer in customer retention with its superior tech support.” Says Ashik Ul Haque

We show you how to clinch the maximum ROI even if the economy is in its worst condition. Budget, turnover, consistent, track record, expertise, start up, entrepreneurs, trading. Assisting small, medium and large sized companies, we offer ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) and Software services with unbeatable quality and price point that cannot be matched.” Added Ashik Ul Haque.

Ashik Ul Haque has been providing IT/ITES services to various business corporations, SME’s and sole proprietorship business owners and brands in different parts of the world including USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, HONGKONG, ITALY, MEXICO, MALAYSIA, INDIA, BANGLADESH since he started his journey as a digital entrepreneur.

He perused his master degree in information and communication technology (MICT) and Master of business administration (MBA) from universities from Bangladesh.

Having e-business as a major subject on his master degree on MICT led him to demonstrate his expertise and strategy on different corporations, SMS’s and brands around the world. 

While talking to EM News regarding digipreneurship, Ashik Ul Haque states that, “Today’s era is growing at a rapid pace and digitalization is reaching new heights. As a digital entrepreneur, I make sure to create employment opportunities for youth and working as a remittance fighter for the country.” The influencer has set a benchmark for himself by creating relatable context not just for himself but also for his digital venture.

Ashik Ul Hauqe is a true inspiration among tech community and paved his way to become a versatile influencer.


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