OGF Slick Setting Up New Heights with Clothing Brand ‘Gifted Misfit’

OGF Slick is running a big business that focuses on clothing. Now, he has planning to expand it and rebrand it. With this rebrand, he is planning to expand it to another segment of the business.

Currently, he is working on his brand Gifted Misfit as a clothing store. The motto of the store is “Somebody different from others”. Therefore, the designs of the stores are unique and will present the same motto. Slick believes that all designs must be unique and should convey a message. Through this, everyone will get a unique voice and everyone can wear that piece of clothing properly.

As he pretty much operates most of the things alone. Therefore, he has to manage and run a lot of things. The company work of OGF Slick includes creating the design, managing the production, ensuring that all the orders are fulfilled, keeping an eye on finances, developing the tech, and marketing the company. Of course, he has hired a few people and agencies who will do the work for them. The role of OGF is to ensure all the processes are going smoothly as they should go. Till now, the brand was mostly focused on clothing and accessories.

Coming back to the expansion mentioned in the beginning, he is now planning to expand it to the jewelry business. To begin with, there will be new icy and plain jewelry available on the brand’s official website. The design will be unique and it will be of high quality. OGF is taking things slowly to focus on the quality to give to its loyal customers. Slick believes a lot in loyalty and providing the highest quality to his people. The same can be noticed in his business as well as in his rap songs.

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