Jonah Sanders, an Inspiring Educator on Street Gangs

In this interview we would like to present Jonah Sanders. He is the founder of The Jonah Sanders Foundation, Black Genius Academy as well as serial entrepreneur. He is a critically acclaimed author and possibly the most reformed prisoner in America.

Q. To begin I’d like to ask where are you from?
A. I was born in a small town called Orange, NJ but was raised mainly in East Orange and Newark, NJ.

Q. What and who inspired you to become an educator on street gangs?
A. Coming from my environment I saw plenty of senseless things that just didn’t sit well with me. You would see people that grew up together kill each other over a color…it reminded me of the Civil War. Also while in prison I would see some of the most idiotic things imaginable. I remember seeing how bad the gang problem was in Georgia and the nation and as odd as it may seem I’m a supporter of Governor Kemp. I just wanted to do my part.

Q. Where may people learn about your Gang Awareness Project?
A. Anyone may go to my website I would principally be a Non-Governmental Organization with me running everything with my partner Telesha but not only can people download the free book on gang awareness but also on numerous other subjects stemming from substance abuse, mental health and STDs.

Q. Is there anything else that you do?
A. Well I do a lot. I am a serial entrepreneur as well as founder of Black Genius Academy in which is a free online platform for black toddlers.

Q. How has the Gang Awareness Project been going so far?
A. It’s been going well. We’ve been using email blasting by sending out ten’s of thousands of packages with books to churches, mosque and inner city organizations. I’m in the process of pushing more to local government.

Q. Do you feel that you’re putting your life in danger by teaching people about gangs?
A. To answer that it’s complicated. I’ve received death threats as well as had attempts on my life yet I believe it’s something that needs to be done. From crimes I’ve committed when I was young and dumb I owe it to society

Q. Have you written about your life?
A. I have actually and the book is used with a new program that I’ve started called I Was You in which is for At-Risk Youth.

Q. To conclude this interview is there anything you want to say to the public?
A. We are all human and we all make mistakes. What makes us civilized is correcting our errors.

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