Bangladesh Association of Hong Kong (BAHK) formed a new EC (2022-2024)

The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Hong Kong and the Chief Patron of the Bangladesh Association of Hong Kong (BAHK) have distributed and formed the EC (2022-2024) of the association on 30th April 2022 in Hong Kong. Mr. Syed Mohiuddin Mohi was elected President, and Mr. Ashfaqur Rahman Palash was elected General Secretary of the Association EC. Another nine members of the EC are Mr. Md. Mohsarrof Hossain -Vice President, Mr. Shafiqul Islam Kazal -Joint General Secretary, Mr. Swapan Kumar Dutta -Treasurer, Mr. Mohammed Khairul Islam Nizami- Cultural Secretary, Mr. Shaikh Niaz Hossain-Sports Secretary, Mr. Golam Mostafa-Public Relation Secretary, and three Executive Committee members are subsequently Mr. Mohammad Nahidul Islam Azmal, Mr. Farhad Islam Robin, and Mr. Dr. Fakhrul Islam Babu.

Earliest on 10th January 2022, an eleven-member EC was elected by and from the experienced community members.

It is to be noted that the Bangladesh Association of Hong Kong [BAHK] was set up in October 2003 with support from the Bangladeshi community in Hong Kong. The main aim of BAHK is to promote Bangladeshi unity, culture, and language in Hong Kong. BAHK creates the opportunity for Bangladeshi children to learn their mother tongue, which is not taught in any local schools or institutions. BAHK is the first such center in Hong Kong to promote Southeast Asian culture and work as a bridging center with other cultures. The center provides information about Bangladeshi culture (languages, music, dance, etc.) and promotes reading and writing of basic Bengali, Arabic, and other related languages. This allows us to practice and strengthen our own culture and enhance our cultural heritage while in different cultural environments.

At present, the BAHK is managed by an Executive Council which has just been elected. In addition, a Supervisor and six highly motivated teachers were appointed to run the language program of the center. According to the current record, more than 30 enrolled students are in the language program (Bengali & Arabic). The feedback  from parents and teachers is very encouraging.

All the related operational costs (e.g., teacher’s honorarium, study materials, stationeries) are now managed from the donations/fees given by the financial members and the student’s tuition. BAHK has relocated our center to a permanent venue in Yau Ma Tei and trying to expand its curriculum in different dimensions (e.g., Chinese language, dance, music).

There are two kinds of membership in BAHK. Life and financial membership. Anyone Legal Bangladeshi resident in Hong Kong and their adult family members can become a Financial Member by contributing HK$1,000 per year only. Alternatively, one can be a Life Time Member by paying HK$10,000 at a time. All nominated Executive Council members must be at least a Financial Member of BAHK.

BAHK uses only limited circulation vehicles, like classrooms, Executive Committee Members, camps, other social events, etc. Association understands the necessity of mass participation and its value sustaining in this cutting edge. BAHK aims to bring possibly every family in Hong Kong under the umbrella of BAHK. EC hopes that members will provide their membership details in the prescribed form and contribute at their maximum level and give their comments, suggestions or share their ideas on the development of BAHK, including short-term and long-term objectives.

EC suggests that members provide their constructive suggestions and comments to the executive committee and show their utmost sense of belonging and responsibility as a Bangladeshi Member, which they have proved. Alternatively, members are welcome to send their comments by any media [telephone, fax, or e-mail] to any EC members.

BAHK EC appreciates all of the members’ support and co-operation in the past and in advance for your active participation in the future. Members are most cordially invited to involve with the activities of BAHK either directly or indirectly. We believe our member’s inspiration, encouragement, financial support, and enthusiasm will strengthen EC’s effort to make BAHK a solid and successful establishment.

(Press Release)

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