MAGISNAT Introduces Kimberly as Science and Nutrition Ambassador, Spotlighting Mediterranean Diet’s Natural Molecules and the power of OMIC tests!

MAGISNAT, a pioneering spin-off based in Atlanta Tech Park, is excited to announce Kimberly as its new Science and Nutrition Ambassador. With a deep passion for nutrition and a dedication to holistic well-being, Kimberly will play a pivotal role in spreading awareness about the natural molecules present in the Mediterranean diet such as vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and flavonoids.

Kimberly, renowned not only for her modeling career but also for her keen interest in nutrition, is set to elevate the conversation around health and dietary choices. Drawing from her personal experiences and meticulous approach to selecting high-quality ingredients, she embodies the essence of mindful eating and its impact on overall wellness.*

In collaboration with MAGISNAT, Kimberly will share her expertise through engaging content, including informative videos and interactive sessions. Her aim is to empower individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the natural molecules inherent in the Mediterranean diet, a diet known for its numerous health benefits. By demystifying the science behind these molecules, she hopes to inspire people to make informed dietary decisions that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.*

Moreover, Kimberly will also delve into the world of OMIC testing and its profound implications for personalized nutrition. Through her partnership with MAGISNAT, she will shed light on how OMIC tests can provide individuals with valuable insights into their unique genetic and metabolic makeup. By utilizing this information, individuals can identify their specific nutritional needs and tailor their dietary choices to fulfill them more effectively. This approach represents a revolutionary shift in how people approach nutrition, offering a personalized roadmap to improved well-being.*

Furthermore, Kimberly will spotlight MAGISNAT’s cutting-edge dietary supplements designed to address specific health concerns. Notably, products like “Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Immune System Tablets,” “Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Immune System Spray,” and “Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Lymphatic&Veins” offer innovative solutions to support various aspects of health. These dietary supplements are carefully crafted to meet the needs of individuals seeking targeted well-being enhancement.*

The collaboration between Kimberly and MAGISNAT underscores the organization’s commitment to offering holistic solutions that empower individuals to take control of their health journey. Together, they aim to inspire a new wave of informed dietary decisions, enhancing the lives of individuals and communities alike.*

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*It is important to note that this article does not intend to provide medical advice, and the purpose of the summary of scientific bibliography is cultural insight. The article does not suggest that olive tree polyphenols or dietary supplements have therapeutic or preventive properties for any disease or condition. It is not intended as advice to use the olive tree or its derivatives in any modality or for any purpose. Only a physician and/or nutritionist can provide advice in the areas of nutrition, prevention, and health.

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