Meeting of the representative of ‘World Food Programme’ and ‘UN Women’ with the Minister of Foreign Affairs

World Food Program country representative Domenico Scalpelli and UN Women country representative Gitanjali Singh (Gitanjali Singh) Foreign Minister Dr. Hasan met Mahmud.

The Foreign Minister exchanged detailed views on food management and women development with the two country representatives in a separate courtesy meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Segunbagicha in the capital on Thursday afternoon.

Encouraging people to consume crops and food produced in the country and to increase public awareness
Minister Hasan Mahmud invited the representative of the World Food Program to undertake the seminar and motivational program.

He also said that there is no alternative to maximum use of arable land to maintain self-sufficiency in food grains and food security in Bangladesh, which has the highest population density and the lowest per capita land in the world. A lot of land was left out of cultivation because of ‘Al’ in the land to mark the ownership. The minister advised WFP to take innovative measures to avoid this loss.

WFP Country Representative Domenico Scalpelli said he would give utmost importance to the two issues. At this time, he presented to the minister the future plans of his organization’s food program at the school level and for the Rohingyas.

Foreign Minister Hasan praised the school feeding program since 2011 and later WFP’s food aid program for the Rohingya.

In a meeting with the UN Women’s Representative in Bangladesh, Gitanjali Singh, the Foreign Minister highlighted Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s strong commitment and her government’s achievements in gender equality and women’s empowerment. He also highlighted the remarkable progress Bangladesh has made in empowering women in the political and administrative spheres. The minister praised UN Women for being a trusted partner in this development journey.

UN Women Representative in Bangladesh Gitanjali Singh assured to increase UN Women’s cooperation with Bangladesh and congratulated the government for implementing its firm commitment.

The UN Women Representative also informed the Foreign Minister about preparations for celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the ‘Beijing Declaration’ and the silver jubilee of the historic Resolution 1325 in 2025.

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