Interview with FroXx-Industries CEO about successful visual assistance solution

Crowdfunding campaign “Shaking Up Remote Support with Visual Assistance”

Interviewer: Good day, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to this exclusive interview with Mr. Rod Beyer Fernandez, the CEO of FroXx-Industries. Today, we’re here to discuss their successful visual assistance solution and their upcoming crowdfunding campaign, “Shaking Up Remote Support with Visual Assistance.” Thank you for joining us today, Mr. Rod Beyer Fernandez.

Rod Beyer Fernandez (CEO, FroXx-Industries): Thank you for having me. I’m excited to discuss our innovative visual assistance solution and how we plan to take it to the next level through crowdfunding.

Interviewer: Let’s start with the basics. Can you tell us what exactly is your visual assistance solution, and how does it work?

Rod Beyer Fernandez: Certainly. FroXx-Industries’ visual assistance solution is a cutting-edge platform that empowers remote support teams to provide real-time guidance and troubleshooting through live video and augmented reality. It works by enabling experts to see what field technicians or customers are seeing through their smartphones or smart glasses. This technology supercharges remote support, reducing downtime, minimizing errors, and ultimately increasing efficiency across various industries.

Interviewer: That sounds impressive. What inspired you to develop this solution?

Rod Beyer Fernandez: The inspiration came from the challenges we observed in various industries, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses faced difficulties in providing hands-on support, leading to costly delays and disruptions. We saw an opportunity to bridge the physical and digital worlds using augmented reality, and that’s how our visual assistance solution was born.

Interviewer: Your visual assistance solution has gained significant attention and has been successfully used by several companies. What sets FroXx-Industries apart from other similar solutions in the market?

Rod Beyer Fernandez: Excellent question. What truly differentiates us is our dedication to user experience and our relentless pursuit of innovation. We’ve designed our solution to be user-friendly, ensuring that both experts and field personnel can use it without extensive training. Moreover, our continuous innovation ensures that we stay ahead of the curve, incorporating the latest technologies such as AI, machine learning, and 5G connectivity to deliver an unmatched remote support experience.

Interviewer: I understand that FroXx-Industries is planning a crowdfunding campaign. Can you tell us more about that?

Rod Beyer Fernandez: Absolutely. We’ve decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign called “Shaking Up Remote Support with Visual Assistance” to take our solution to the next level. This campaign will help us raise the necessary funds to expand our capabilities, enhance our platform, and reach a broader audience. We believe in the power of community support and are excited to involve our backers in shaping the future of remote assistance.

Interviewer: What can backers and supporters expect from this campaign?

Rod Beyer Fernandez: Backers can expect to be part of something truly revolutionary. By supporting our campaign, they will not only have access to our visual assistance solution at exclusive rates but also get a sneak peek at upcoming features and capabilities. We’re also offering exciting rewards, including early access, personalized onboarding, and the opportunity to influence our product roadmap.

Interviewer: That sounds fantastic! When is the campaign launching, and where can people find more information?

Rod Beyer Fernandez: We’re planning to launch the crowdfunding campaign in just a few weeks. To stay updated and learn more, please visit our website at and subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll also be active on social media platforms, so follow us there for the latest updates and announcements.

Interviewer: Thank you, Rod, for sharing these insights into FroXx-Industries’ visual assistance solution and your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. We wish you the best of luck with your crowdfunding campaign easily accessible on, and we look forward to seeing how this innovative technology continues to shape remote support in the future.

Rod Beyer Fernandez: Thank you for having me. We’re excited about the journey ahead and can’t wait to bring our visual assistance solution to a wider audience through crowdfunding. Together, we’ll revolutionize remote support!

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