Fugitives who fled overseas will be pursued for life: John Lee

Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chui has warned fugitives who fled overseas that they may become “disposable” when they have no political value, and authorities will pursue them for the rest of their lives.

Lee said that in a Cable TV interview and added that international relations are changing every moment. Those fugitives may be taken care of for a short while, when they still have political value for other countries, according to Lee.

The financial budget announced in February revealed that there will be an HK$8 billion allocation for national security. When asked about how the government will make use of that HK$8 million, Lee refused to provide information.

Documents also didn’t provide details over the use of the HK$8 billion, whether how many years the sum would be used for, or the manpower arranged by the police’s national security department.

“These are essential information that are on par with intelligence during war,” Lee said.

He said that the social unrest in 2019 suggested that a crisis would come in any second, and although the city could now handle the risk, it is better to be prepared.

Lee pointed out that there is a dangerous awareness in the city that always challenges the bottomline of national security.

Lee believed that there would still be protests and parades after Covid-19 passed. Yet the features or situations of future protests would be different.

He said citizens can exercise their rights to protest as the society returns to reasoning. Still citizens must obey the law when exercising their rights and freedom, Lee said.

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