Tullia Ferraro Plays the Role of Tullia in a Short Film Named “The Trip”

Tullia Ferraro is an Italian born actress with a very solid filming foundation from some of the best film schools across the globe. Over time, Tullia has created opportunities for herself by letting her career expand in the most exciting ways possible. In her own skin, Tullia Ferraro is growing to become a star. She has shown gritty determination and great self-confidence in all the roles she has played so far. Over the last few years, Tullia has constantly let herself participate in roles that portray her ability to become an iconic figure in the future of film.

The woman that is Tullia is constantly shining in all the films she has participated in. From the captivating original play Parliament to a short film named Gone, which was recently Finalist in the Film Boxe International Monthly Film Festival, she has been a woman of many surprises. In an interview last year Tullia mentioned that film is not necessarily a place of work, but a space to find her real self in the most life-changing way possible.

In every movie Tullia appears in a character with a diverse personality and also a great strength. Additionally, every film she has participated in is filled with a great measure of relatability and reference to life events.

The Trip:

Tullia, with Ayanda Dube, creates a moment of heartfelt honesty in their friendship. The film which tells the story of two best friends is Iconic. Tullia and Ayanda are both working together to achieve their career goals. However, what Ayanda does not know is that Tullia had caused her breakup with her ex-boyfriend. After deciding not to go out partying and staying indoors to try out some drugs given by a friend, the lie that Tullia had assumed her best friend knew, comes out.

Their friendship starts to fall apart and they identify reasons why they shouldn’t stick together anymore. Ayanda feels controlled and cheated while Tullia feels betrayed and misunderstood. It takes great moments of reflection for both friends to realize that they need each other regardless of their differences.

The film’s theme is definitely a relatable one to our daily lives. It has great lessons on how far people can go to protect their friends. The Trip is a heart-warming reminder that we are different in personalities and if we accommodate our allies for who they are, friendships grow stronger.

Tullia and Ayanda in the Trip:

Tullia Ferraro –

Tullia Ferraro’s performance shows how she has the potential of being one of the greatest upcoming actresses of our time. She constantly shows it in this film by how well she is articulated in all scenes. It is easy to pull out different characters and personalities in a film as short as this. It is a long list for sure as she comes out as a strong woman, a good friend, and an understanding yet kind partner when working on a project together.

Tullia was an exciting character to watch in this short film. She was always opening and revealing interesting layers of herself that had never been experienced before. Each of their scenes with Ayanda seems to make so much sense and explains more about friendship and even the ability to let loose together.

Tullia is applaud for her ability to speak the truth and even say sorry when it is necessary. For her to handle conflicts that well, shows the making of a great actor.

As much as Tullia is applaud for her ability to accept when she is wrong she can’t by no means be named a “good girl” throughout the film. Tullia introduces Ayanda to a drug which leads to a confession she has been hiding for a long time. Even though she can be serious with her work, she can also go rogue and is not to be controlled. Tullia both in the film and in reality is a phenomenal character.

Ayanda Dube –

Ayanda Dube, who plays Ayanda in the film Trip, is fun to be around as a friend. Similar to her friend Tullia, she pays attention to her work. However, she is quite disappointed when she realizes that her friendship with Tullia was based on a lie.

In an exchange that the two friends have, it’s quite evident that Ayanda has an aggressive character for things she believes in. Even so, they both are a great combination in film and one can tell from their dialogues. They have great moments of laughter, love, and forgiveness.

Ayanda’s character shows how great she is at creating different personalities in her acting space. A personality of great strength when hurt and one of love when she has to forgive Tullia and become friends again.

The Result:

The Film Trip has been well received by its audiences. Other than getting enough traction from the viewers, the film also participated in the 2023 Kino Film Festival. With the response received so far, we are not wrong to see the greatness of Tullia and Ayanda. There is so much to admire in the film Trip – from the tales of two friends to how to face conflicts in relationships.

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