The Right-Wing Blames Biden and Milley on Truth Social

The right-wing has discussed a lot about the topics of Chinese spy balloon, Ohio train derailment, and Biden’s trip to Ukraine on Truth Social these days, and they were not satisfied with what Biden’s administration and Gen. Mark Milley have done. Such commentaries are still fermenting and spreading among the right-wing groups.

Diane Cox(@Diane_Cox)posted comments suspecting the military lied to the public on Feb. 21,  “The military refused to shoot down the balloon on Jan. 31 on the grounds of protecting the public, but when it was shot down on Feb. 4, there was still a large number of people below. Why didn’t they clarify this to the public?” A netizen replied, “You do know the balloon was just a distraction right.”, criticizing that Biden’s administration doesn’t care about the train derailment.

Gloria Eills(@Gloria_Eills)posted  “From December 3, 2022, when POLITICO exclusively revealed a $29 billion, or 3.7 percent, cut in the Pentagon’s military budget, to February 2023, when lawmakers

appropriated an additional $45 billion, or 10 percent, for the Pentagon”, which was a hint that due to the staged Chinese spy balloon by Biden’s administration and the military, as well as Biden’s unprecedented visit to Ukraine, the public have already shifted their ground.

Jacqueline Cole(@Jacqueline Cole)’s post explained why the U.S. government hyped the spy balloon: 1) Biden admin needs ppl accept new increase in US defence budget. 2) Distract their population from these ‘acts of wars’ by US.

The three viewpoints above are rather popular on  Truth Social ,the right-wing platform. Meanwhile, there’re more similar comments from varied perspectives.

While House Republicans desire to cut the budget of Pentagon’s $75 billion financial assistance to Ukraine in its war with Russia, balloon events came one after another. But now it was an additional $45 billion.The right-wing claimed that it’s not a coincidence but a manipulation by the military.

After Gen. Glen D. VanHerck, the North America Command CO, stated that more sensors and advanced radars were required for threat detection. The right-wing argued he was exploiting market for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, given the widespread news that he has close ties with the board of the two companies.

We are committed to tracking the right-wing’s viewpoints on social media in the long run, and warning their harm to the US.

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