Quebec Racism Shockwave: International Student’s Battle Against Hate in Housing Dilemma

In a deeply unsettling incident unfolding in Quebec, Canada, an international master’s student grapples with a distressing bout of racism amid a housing dispute, opting to maintain anonymity while sharing their story. Initially departing a rented room due to plumbing issues and in adherence to Quebec’s tenant protection laws, the student sought to sidestep further conflicts.

However, a twist of fate occurred when an Amazon order mistakenly arrived at the previous address. Efforts to reclaim the package resulted in silence from the landlord, escalating into a face-to-face confrontation with the landlord’s boyfriend. The situation took a dark turn as racial slurs were hurled at the student.

In a recorded exchange, the boyfriend used derogatory language, including labeling the student a “middle eastern bastard” and making disparaging comments about their background and living conditions. The incident, captured on video, serves as irrefutable evidence of the distressing racist behavior.

The video unveiled the boyfriend boasting about being a McGill student while unleashing racist slurs, amplifying the severity of the situation given the association with the prestigious institution.

Instances like these underscore the challenges faced by international students and the lingering presence of racism in society. Disappointed by the landlord’s lack of response, the student seeks to raise awareness by sharing their story, emphasizing the urgent need to combat racism and discrimination.

Screenshots of communications with the landlord and the altercation recording provide concrete evidence. The student actively seeks community and authority support, contemplating further actions to address this distressing incident and challenge racial prejudice. Stand united against discrimination and join the fight for justice alongside the affected student.

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