MAGISNAT’s Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Iron Formula: Elevating Nutrient Absorption for Optimal Well-being

MAGISNAT, a leader in personalized wellness solutions, is excited to introduce Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Iron Formula, an innovative dietary supplement designed to enhance iron absorption and contribute to overall well-being. This meticulously formulated supplement is set to provide individuals with an advanced solution for optimizing nutrient absorption.*

A Symphony of Ingredients for Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Iron Formula pioneers a multifaceted approach to optimize nutrient absorption, seamlessly integrating a synergistic alliance of key ingredients. This comprehensive blend, meticulously crafted, seeks to elevate your well-being by fostering enhanced absorption capabilities.

Nettle Extract: Derived from the nutrient-rich Nettle plant, this extract enhances nutrient absorption, providing crucial support for overall well-being. Nettle Extract has been revered for its traditional use in promoting overall well-being. It contains a variety of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Notably, the extract is recognized for its potential to enhance nutrient absorption, making it a valuable addition to this innovative formula. By incorporating Nettle Extract, this supplement goes beyond conventional iron support, offering a holistic approach to well-being.*

Vitamin C: A vital component known for its role in supporting the immune system and facilitating enhanced nutrient absorption. This essential vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that supports the body’s defense against oxidative stress. In Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Iron Formula, Vitamin C is carefully included to complement the Nettle Extract and Iron combination. By promoting enhanced nutrient absorption, Vitamin C contributes to the overall efficacy of the supplement. It’s a vital component that supports not only immune health but also the body’s ability to absorb key nutrients for optimal well-being.*

Iron: An essential mineral crucial for red blood cell production, contributing to overall vitality and optimal health. Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Iron Formula features a premium source of iron, specifically Ferrous bisglycinate, known for its bioavailability and gentle impact on the stomach. This ensures that individuals receive optimal support for red blood cell production without compromising digestive comfort. By providing a targeted approach to iron supplementation, this supplement aims to contribute significantly to overall health and well-being.*

Key Benefits Explained

More than just a collection of individual ingredients, Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Iron Formula is a meticulously crafted synergy designed to unlock a cascade of benefits for your well-being. This powerful combination works in perfect harmony, orchestrating a symphony of health-promoting effects. This unique blend works harmoniously to:

Enhance Iron Absorption: The combination of Nettle Extract, Vitamin C, and Iron synergistically works to elevate the body’s ability to absorb iron effectively, supporting overall well-being.*

Boost Energy Levels: Vitamin C and Iron play a pivotal role in energy production within cells, promoting sustained vitality and well-being.*

Gentle on the Stomach: Nettle Flavonoids, known for their stomach-friendly impact, ensure a gentle influence without compromising effectiveness on the stomach.*

Support Red Blood Cell Production: Iron provides necessary support for optimal red blood cell production, contributing to overall optimal health.*

Unlock Your Vitality with just one tablet a day

Discover the transformative benefits of Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Iron Formula with each gentle tablet. Incorporate this dietary supplement seamlessly into your daily routine by taking one tablet a day with food. Experience the positive impact on your well-being, one easy-to-swallow tablet at a time. It’s a simple and effective way to support your journey to optimal health. Remember, the recommended dosage is one tablet per day – a convenient approach to enhance your vitality and overall health.*

Unlock the Key to Enhanced Nutrient Absorption

Embark on a journey to optimize nutrient absorption and promote overall well-being with Dr. Matteo Bertelli’s Iron Formula. Visit our secure and user-friendly website to learn more about this revolutionary supplement and explore other innovative MAGISNAT products.


MAGISNAT, headquartered at Atlanta Tech Park in Peachtree Corners, GA, is a pioneer in personalized wellness solutions. Specialize in Omics Tests, including genomic, metabolomic, and proteomic tests, designed to explore key biochemical pathways for personalizing lifestyles and dietary supplementation. MAGISNAT’s product lines consist of scientifically studied formulations, offering an integrated approach through Omics Pathway Analysis.

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