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Emotion plays a fundamental role in achievement, pride, and accomplishment. There is also understanding that the neocortex, because of how large it is, can activate the chemical responses to stressful environments, or created by thoughts. Top things off with studying the connection the vagus nerve makes between the mind and the gut, and now we will certainly need to continuously drop imagery, as though the imagery were seeds of information sowed.

Well, then, how does a person become so adaptable that they are greater than the limitations of freedom, such as the unclenching of the jaw you didn’t realize was clenched, until now. You are welcome.

How does one go about exercising enjoyable emotions?

How do we test the validity of lifestyle coaching?

Remove the overwhelming emotions of stress to begin making improvements toward making your life better; being, as the creator of your future. Living as the creator of your reality, and believing it.

Repattern networks of unconscious associations by polarizing idiosyncrasies that include graduation ceremonies and rites of passages.

And why not? There’s no right or wrong way.

How many times are necessary until you decide that you no longer wish to continue living in a reality that goes against the intuition of your being?

You can trust the moment, which leads to trusting the next moment, which leads to the preface of an elixir of life, in which we understand that emotions are the end product of human experiences. You can trust the moment, because you’ve decided to dispose of the chemical residue that is the past, and instead opened new doors that were previously considered biologically closed.

Your refractory period should include that which goes from excitement about what’s next, to excitement in this moment and about what’s in the next moment.

Humans aged seven and before, and dogs, have a different connection to the supernatural and other levels and states of consciousness, and when in youth, less sleep seems to be a trend. Then, you get to around 8, and, gradually, of course, the human generally begins to sleep more. As adults who choose to then later go back into those states of theta, restfulness is permitted.

Again, there is no right or wrong way to perform your journey. Your journey is so unique to you, that in the realm of lifestyle coaching, there are no steps. You close your eyes and you enter theta, so that you may cease thinking and keep going to arrange the fun things that life, as a simulation, has to offer.

FYI: did you know… that most of the time, you can’t read your own thoughts? That’s right. The majority of the time, you do so much thinking, that you may be misreading signals in your body.

Enlightenment arrives from under the surface of high levels of conscious and emotional engagement. Therefore, the long-term effects of relaxation upregulate hormones and reduce opportunities for opportunistic organisms to create disease. There is no longer a need to falsify who you are and your sense of being. In this way, you are literally turning off your senses to become one with yourself. Great importance is placed on closing your eyes and entering into theta.

Your emotional refractory period should have an outcome of produced, empirically measurable, profound mystic moments.

There are moments when the moment is there and your refractory period may seem to be on pause.

You want to create an environment in which equanimity – your state of psychological stability and composure, even under the duress of otherwise stressful environments – is that of the proof in your winning students.

Shortening human emotional refractory periods requires continual maintenance, even after established, so it’s important to identify and recognize the mistakes made along the way. Mistakes are learning experiences for those who are lifelong learners. Some of our clients are so motivated that they begin their days focused on improving mistakes to fine tune driving customer ascension.

Humans have good times and bad times, so Mountain View Mindset encourages people to believe that they are worth it, because belief starts with you. We’ve thought about all of this for longer and harder than you have, because it’s what we do. We prove that we can help people by actually helping people, and in return, our clients gain mindset transformation that changes the trajectory of the future they create for themselves.

Our clients have good times and bad times. For an example with imagery, it is said that those who are at the top are the loneliest. For those familiar with studying the rich and wealthy who intend to become those incredibly few achievers, there are gates which block the roads that lead to the homes, and offices, of these at the top of the economic hierarchy. At some point, their trajectory bottlenecked, and now that there is time in the calm, these performers rely on high ticket coaching to achieve breathing in new life.

A professional is requested to come in and not be so impressed. Take a look around and be mindful of space, yet more mindful of consciousness and awareness; of relaxation that is not occurring in the achiever that is the client, and how to resolve such a problem. The journey of discovering someone who is the best at what they do and only that pundit does it, and here the achiever is, depending on word of mouth, while staying out of the spotlight themselves, and, what’s more, hoping the professional who depends on word of mouth for clients isn’t so well known that anyone else knows them.

These humans, who have had busy professional lives, don’t require an in-depth understanding from their coach about the upward price of lumber, but instead a visceral understanding that the higher a person climbs, the more adaptability requires maintenance and practice.

Our clients have problems, so we use knowledge of how to shorten emotional responses, to apply and encourage intentional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Then we use basic human psychology to create an environment that stimulates and drives coaching the lifestyles of high functioning, high achieving men.

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