Home-Motherhood & Career: Quarta Ki Is a Powerhouse on the Rise – Taking over in This So-Called Man’s Game of Real Estate


“Have you ever wanted to become something great and you were willing to work day and night to get it? I’ve always had dreams of being great, but I had no idea Real Estate would be my destiny. I’ve had many businesses as a kid and as an adult, but Real Estate just felt right”.

Quarta Ki, affectionally known as Quarta, has been in the Real Estate Industry since 2007. Quarta has seen her fair share of ups and downs but refused to be held back and continued to persevere.

“I come from a good family. I’m college educated with a degree in Criminal Justice, but I made some poor decisions in my life. It was like I rebelled against everything my mother wanted for me. I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I had a water ice stand in front of my mother’s home at 12 years old, so I always loved the HUSTLE. My love of money caused a lack of patience took me down the wrong path. In my 20’s I had an opportunity to make some fast money and I took it.  I met a guy from Houston Texas, and he introduced me to the drug game.  My dad was involved in illegal activity and I come from the hood, so I knew what drugs were, but never to that magnitude. I began working with him and started making almost 20k a week. For a young woman in my 20’s that blew my mind. I can admit I wasn’t smart. I was spending money as if it never would end. After about 2 years of illegal activity, my world came crashing down. Several of my associates were indicted, including my Houston connect.  By the grace of God, I was spared. My best friend chose not to disclose my involvement and received a ten-year federal prison sentence. I promised him and myself it wouldn’t be in vain. When the indictment happened, I vowed to God, if he allowed me to walk away from that situation, I would never do anything illegal ever AGAIN. God spared me and I kept my word.  I had my freedom, but I was broke. I knew I had to do something better with my life. Not just for me but for the people who believed in me”.

Quarta is well known due to her previous business endeavors like “4th Quarter Recording Studio”, which was located on the famous South Street in Philadelphia.  She used her popularity to build her brand. Quarta admits that social media changed her life. “When I was younger, you really had to be someone and be out and about for people to know who you were, nowadays you can post and reach people all over the world. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me”.

Quarta began promoting her Real Estate business on social media consistently. Soon everyone knew she was a force to be reckoned with. She began doing projects for family, friends and strangers. She has also managed to build her own Real Estate empire of over 1 Million Dollars in value.  Her portfolio of construction projects is astonishing. She admits the road has not been easy. “When people see me at job sites, they can’t believe I’m a licensed General Contractor, they are always looking for a man to come in the door behind me”.

“This empire I’m building has come with a cost. I’ve lost friends, relationships and most importantly time doing exciting things because I’m constantly working. The Real Estate field is not easy because I’m an investor and general contractor, so it’s considered a man’s game. In the beginning when I would go to Home Depot or Lowes, they wouldn’t take me serious in the Pro Account line, now they call me by my last name when I walk in lol”.

Quarta expressed that she has no regrets. She manages to juggle being a single parent of a 15-year-old, being a serial entrepreneur and a mentor very well.  “I love what I do, my passion for helping people get to the next level is what drives me. I didn’t have a mentor when I was younger. If I had someone guiding me in business when I started, who knows what direction my life would have taken. I know everything happens for a reason, so it is what it is, but I will leave my mark on this world as an African American female Real Estate Investor”.

If you haven’t heard of Quarta and this is the first time you’re reading about her, get used to hearing her name. She is definitely a businesswoman on the rise in Real Estate and is sure to take over.

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