CBFC is helping the lower middle class families in Bangladesh in this Covid-19 Lock down

Bangladesh has been affected by COVID-19 seriously and Bangladesh Government has declared a month-long public holiday (lockdown) among the whole country to reduce the spread of this virus. As for the longest lockdown, poor, lower-middle-class families are facing a food and daily needs products crisis. Many social organizations with government aid support the needy people. China Bangladesh Friendship Center- CBFC, a Hong Kong-registered friendship organization is also doing the same.  CBFC’s Youth Wing executing the project named COVID-19 EMERGENCY SUPPORT, DHAKA.   

Starting last Thursday, the CBFC team has already given food and emergency groceries to 260 families in several districts of Bangladesh by their volunteers. 

Mr. Chowdhury Mehmudur Rehman, Chairman, and Dr. Fakhrul Islam Babu, ED of the CBFC confirmed to this reporter that they are having a plan to help 1000 downtrodden or needy families in Bangladesh within the next 15 days.    

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